Insoles Designed for Foot Pain

There are many options available when trying to find Insoles for Foot Pain.  However, there are very few that provide the assurance that 3D Soles does.  We started our company with the expressed intention of developing a product that is the result of only the most advanced technology available to us.  By utilizing image recognition technology and 3D printing, we are able to provide the most accurately designed Insoles for Foot Pain possible.  The cameras attached to smartphones have arrived at the point where they are able to provide imagery that is of such resolution that a computer can derive a three dimensional model from the date available.  From there, the information is then sent to a 3d printer to be built line by line.  The insoles are then sent to the customer where they can easily slip them into their shoes and walk on.

We do all of this at a price that is a fraction of the cost of our other, messier competitors.  Yes, messier, as in they require the user to put their feet into a messy goo in order to cast a mold to create their own insoles for Foot Pain.  There is no reason for this!  We can design and manufacture insoles for Foot Pain without the mess and without ever having to get up.  The entire process can be accomplished with three photos taken from a smartphone.  No waiting, no messy molds, just a comfortable chair and a few minutes of airing the old feet out.  After that, those images, as mentioned earlier are digitally analyzed and turned into insoles for Foot Pain with a level of accuracy that is simply unrivaled.  After all, they were made according to the actual curvatures of the individual’s feet, with no chance for error during a shipping or packaging process.

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