Heel Spurs Treatment

Spur Heel Treatment


Spur heel is a condition of the heel bone wherein an accumulation of calcium affects the underside of the bone causing an extension of the bone. This in turn causes the discomfort and pain in the heels. The spurs in themselves can be less painful but they may be the cause of Plantar Fasciitis. This is the reason that it becomes extremely important to treat this as soon as they occur so that there is no chance of it to get aggravated.


The first step in Spur Heel Treatment is diagnosing the causes and symptoms of the pain so that the treatment can be done in a proper manner. When the spur isn’t too serious it can be treated with exercises and anti inflammatory medications. The best way to go about treating a spur heel is to consult your physician as they will be able to let you be aware about the appropriate manner in which the treatment needs to be carried about.


The presence of a spur is revealed after an x ray is done. Following that the doctor will recommend a routine set of exercises and medication along with usage of custom insoles in your shoes. These orthotic devices not only heal the pain but also play an important role in supporting the heel and ensuring that the movements of the feet are regulated and balanced so as not to place stress on the affected area.


Special physical therapies are also advised in some cases while treating spur heels. If all this doesn’t help the cause then surgical procedures are also there to treat the condition which includes removing the spur and relieving the plantar fascia.


Spur heel can be treated without surgical procedures if the symptoms are recognized at early stages of the condition which may include intermittent or persistent pain in the heels after or during physical activities such as walking or running. If the pain feels like there is a pin sticking on the heel then there is a possibility that it is a spur heel.



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