Orthotic Insoles Designed For Sciatica

Alternative Treatment for Sciatica: orthotic insoles

Between the lower spine and the back of the leg, there is a nerve known as the sciatic nerve.
It controls every muscle from the back of the knee down to the ankle, and is responsible for
the sensations felt in the back of the thigh, lower leg, and the sole of your feet. Sciatica occurs
when an issue with this nerve causes pain, weakness, numbness, or tingling in the leg. It can be
difficult to treat without handling the underlying issue, which can range from a slipped disk in
the spine to an injury in the pelvis.

Although sciatica often goes away on its own, dealing with it when it’s happening, and then
handling the reoccurrences (as this condition often comes back after the first time) can put
even the healthiest individual off his or her feet. And unlike other pain issues, bed rest is the
last thing you want to do when experiencing sciatica, even if laying around sounds like a really
good option at the time.

In the average case, most doctors recommend maintaining moderate activity in order to
strengthen the body and increase flexibility, although this should be accomplished slowly
during the first six weeks after the onset of the condition. In order to stick to that, giving your
body all of the support possible is key.

Orthotic Insoles For Sciatica can be used during treatment for sciatica to make recovery easier, less painful,
and make it possible to avoid a relapse of the condition after you conquer it the first go around.
With adequate support and proper alignment, the muscles and bones around the nerve have
less of a chance of pinching it or otherwise harming it, limiting the recurrences of sciatica.
While you should always discuss treatment of such a condition with a doctor, if you’d like to
use orthotic insoles to help you during your recover, 3DSoles.com provides affordable, custom,
high-end orthotic insoles that can help you on your journey.

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