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Uneven legs? 3DSoles Can Help

Ninety-nine percent of people have one leg that’s shorter than the other; however, in a smaller
percentage of these individuals, the unevenness is so drastic that it impedes daily life. Leg
length inequality (LLI), or uneven legs, can be caused by a birth defect, an issue that occurs
when the bones are still growing during childhood or even due to trauma to the leg. The
results? Oftentimes pain, misalignment, and in severe cases, a noticeable change in gait.

For decades, the most common treatment for this issue was orthotic shoes or lifts, which
despite solving the issue of uneven legs aren’t exactly the most attractive footwear in the
world (or even close to it). Ultimately, those with LLI had to choose between pain and a mild to
moderate limp, or incredibly noticeable, and unsightly, footwear.

Technology has taken the decision out of the equation, and made it possible for doctors to
create insoles that fit right inside most normal types of shoes, providing just enough of a lift
to even out both legs. Yet this change in treatment also came with a cost: often hundreds of
dollars spent on custom orthotics, doctor visits, and months waiting to receive insoles that you
may or may not be able to afford to replace once they wear out, leaving you back where you
started with uneven legs.

With image recognition technology, these same orthotic insoles that can provide just enough
lift in the foot to bring your body back into alignment are affordable for nearly anyone and can
easily be purchased online. The leader of this recent advancement in the word of orthotics also
offers the highest quality insoles available in an easy-to-order form. You don’t have to wear
shoes with varying sole heights or wait months for custom orthotic insoles from you doctor. can help.

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