Insoles Designed For Unequal Leg Length

How Unequal Leg Length Can Affect Your Daily Life & How Insoles Can Help.

Unequal leg length is a common condition among people all over the world and, except for in
drastic cases, the issue often doesn’t appear dire enough to treat. However, unequal leg length
can affect your daily life, and overall health, in more ways than you might think.

Let’s start with alignment issues. Your lower half is the “foundation” for the rest of your body
and, as such, any issue here will likely translate into a problem elsewhere. Walking around day
in and day out with unequal leg lengths throws alignment out of whack, causing a disruption in
the way your ankles, knees, hips, pelvic area, rib cage, and spine move throughout the day. And
not in a good way – although everyone is different, your body is meant to function in a specific
manner, and improper alignment alters this function often in a painful, and less than efficient,

This condition can also affect how you exercise, engage in physical hobbies, or even whether
or not you can walk to work comfortably. Unequal leg length causes your body to require more
effort to move the same distance than if your legs were roughly the same height, meaning
you get tired more quickly and are more prone to aches and pains. In extreme cases, unequal
leg length can affect how long you can play with your children, if at all, whether or not you
can comfortably walk your dog, or even your employment options; because, let’s face it, if
its uncomfortable to stand or stay on your feet for any length of time, you’ve cut out entire
industries when it comes to career options.

orthotic insoles are a fast, quick, and now affordable way to eliminate all of these issues,
treating your unequal leg length with a shoe insert that gives you just enough height in one
heel to even everything out. With, ordering is fast, easy, and affordable, and
you’re always assured the best fit and the best product. There’s no reason for you to be in even
the smallest bit of pain, or to lose enjoyment in life simply due to unequal leg length: orthotic
insoles can help.

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