Removable Heel and Foot Lifts

Heel and foot lifts are designed for use by people who have a leg length discrepancy, back issues, easing pain on the Achilles tendon and physical therapy.  Custom Insoles are essentially one of the varying types of heel and foot lifts.  While some heel lifts are pretty much just a small piece of material that is placed directly under the heel itself, Custom Orthopedic Insoles typically fill the entire expanse of the individual’s shoe.  However this is not always the case as there are also insoles designed for high heeled shoes and some that are specifically designed just for the heel.

Regardless of the types that exist out there, insoles can be very easily used as heel and foot lifts.  They can be altered up to two centimeters in width and can therefore be a significant benefit for the vast majority of people who suffer from leg length discrepancies or who simply want to gain three quarters of an inch on their peers!  All kidding aside though and we discover that custom orthotic insoles can be a tremendous advantage to people who suffer from all kinds of foot, leg, hip and even back related medical issues.  Just wearing them can reverse if not eliminate a variety of daily aches and pains.

While heel and foot lifts are typically designed just for the sole purpose of raising the length of the leg by just a couple of centimeters at the most, they are not necessarily very good at accomplishing other tasks as well.  That is where Custom Insoles can make a significant advantage.  In addition to providing more height to the person’s foot, they also relieve regular foot pains like plantar fasciitis and Metatarsalgia.  This makes them significantly better than just wearing typical Heel and Foot Lifts.  Furthermore, it is easier now than ever to buy customized insoles.

The technology associated with designing insoles has been updated to correspond with the abilities of contemporary methods.  Smartphones, image recognition technology and three dimensional printing are now all processes and tools that are being used to transfer the data necessary to design insoles precisely to the geometry of the person’s feet.  Smartphones can photograph a person’s foot, those images are then analyzed by a computer for the person’s dimensions, and finally a mold is literally printed into existence which is used to shape the actual insoles.  Furthermore, all of this is possible without ever having to leave home.

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